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Annie, 31

Mum of two, works in Retail

“When I started I was in a really bad place. For me it’s not just been about the physical changes I have made, it’s about the changes I have made in my head too. That’s what so special about the girls, they help you change your mind-set so you don’t have to be so negative about yourself, and you don’t have to conform to how society tells us we should look.”

Alex, 31

Mum of two, Hairdresser

“It’s so great to just be around the girls that are not worried about what they or you look like, if your pulling ugly faces. You feel less alone…We are all just girls who have the same problems and struggles.

I love the atmosphere and the banter, plus I loved the fact that everyone supports, encourages and pushes each other.”

Nicola, 39

Mum of one, Consultant

“I never regret coming to class. I always enjoy the workouts, the banter with the girls, and generally just feeling great after”

Everyone is really welcoming and there’s none of that intimidating testosterone you see in other facilities…It’s just a really nice atmosphere.”

Michelle, 41

Mum of two, Accountant

Kasey, Candice and Sabrina are fantastic trainers. Every group session is challenging, varied and fun - even at 6.15am. The girls foster an encompassing feeling of inclusiveness, regardless of size or ability. This results in great camaraderie between clients in every class.

Many strong friendships have been formed through the sessions within a short period of time and this is down to the girls’ “in it together” attitude. From a training point of view, they quickly learn your individual thresholds and aim to push you to and beyond these which gives you a great feeling of accomplishment after every session.

They are careful to assess your personal needs and limits and are always keen to modify exercises to suit the individual. They are also always happy to advise on nutrition and offer practical solutions that lead to weight loss without impacting on your social life. I would thoroughly recommend That Girl to anybody thinking about joining. Love every session, love the girls.”


Katie, 33

Mum of two, works in retail

“I've never been one for the gym and have always used my job as a form of exercise.
Now I actually look forward to my gym sessions, who would've thought it!!! Unfortunately for them now, THEY ARE STUCK WITH ME!!!”

Joanna, 40

Mum of one, works in banking

“That Girl classes are fun, dynamic, and challenging. They welcome every girl no matter what her fitness level and lifestyle because they're there to guide you and support you in whatever goal and in whatever facet of your life.

I've seen women, who have grown in confidence, increase their strength (both physically and mentally) and shrink in size (if that's what they've wanted) and I myself have benefited in so many ways by being part of this female family. We are all THATGIRL and it's great that we have a place to express ourselves in that girl training”


Faye, 42

Mum of two, studying Social Psychology

“I enjoy absolutely everything about the group sessions, the workouts, the social side of it, meeting new people. I do away from here every time absolutely buzzing.”

“I have changed massively on the inside and outside”

“I’d say to anyone thinking of joining, JUST DO IT! YOU WON’T REGRET IT!

Taking that first step is the biggest thing ever, but once you get there the girls instantly make you feel welcome and put your mind at ease”

Gemma, 36

Mum of two, Teaching Assistant

“I knew someone else who was a part of That Girl and I could see her getting great results physically and mentally, and…I just wanted to be a part of that. Now, I don’t just see the girls as trainers or workout buddies….I see them as my friends.

No matter what mood I’m in when I come here, I always leave absolutely buzzing…I feel just feel great”

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